New Wave Entertainment

Van Helsing

DVD Menu transitions


Sep 2007

Sassoon Film Design

Net 2.0, The

The life of a young computer systems analyst is thrown into turmoil when, after arriving in Istanbul to start a new job, she finds her credit cards useless, her bank account empty, and her identity stolen.


Feb 2006

New Wave Entertainment

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Created the animated menus for Season 2 DVD box set


Jun 2002

USA Network

Beer Money

Three guys find a space alien in the woods and attempt to sell it to a tabloid TV show, with disastrous results.


Jun 2001

Dream Quest Images

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

Wayne Szalinzki, a wacky, absent-minded inventor, is back again but only this time he decides to use his infamous shrink machine just one more time.


Mar 1997